IT enterpreneur / CTO / Python-developer

⭐ 10+ years in IT
⭐ 7+ years of managing software development company, working as a team leader and back-end developer
⭐ Created projects for trading, FinTech and Crypto for clients nationwide
⭐ 1.5 years of working as CTO/co-founder in SaaS startup

My experience
September, 2015 - now
September, 2015 - now
CEO / CTO @ Magnezio (
  • Managed software development company that creates FinTech/Crypto web apps.
  • Acted as a team leader/back-end developer in most projects.
  • Performed active clients search, hiring and training personnel, accounting and other administrative tasks.
  • Worked as a CTO/team leader in my own SaaS project.
  • More about projects I worked on here.
April, 2012 - September, 2015
April, 2012 - September, 2015
Software Developer / QA Engineer @ Intel
  • Worked in the Media SDK project (video processing library).
  • Developed tests and automatic testing infrastructure in Perl, Python, and C++.
  • Executed library performance testing.
  • Participated in library porting to Linux and Android.
  • Maintained testing infrastructure.
June, 2011 - April, 2012
June, 2011 - April, 2012
Software Developer @ Teleca (Harman)
Developed testing infrastructure for a mobile phone operating system.
Projects I worked on
What I know and love doing
Technology stack
  • Python
  • Flask + SQLAlchemy
  • Celery
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Redis
  • AWS / DigitalOcean / Vultr

Application Areas
  • Trading
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Highload work with third-party APIs
  • Architecture design of web applications
  • Python back-end development
  • Team leading / project management
  • Code review
  • Active clients search, direct sales
  • Recruiting and training of personnel
  • Business processes automation
  • Accounting
Personal Attributes
  • Effective communicator with business stakeholders and developers
  • Excellent organizer of employees' work for the sake of common goal
  • Responsible trainer of staff-members to improve their work skills.

Personal interest
Music, Sport, Gaming, Investing
What I'm looking for

Right now, I'm open to new project opportunities.

My objectives:
  • A project I could join full time as a CTO/co-founder.
    Projects with small equity / options are also considered.
  • I would prefer working in international product companies in FinTech, Trading, or Crypto areas.
    Outsourcing development and integrators are less preferred.

  • I would like to work with a partner, who could take non-technical duties, particularly, marketing and sales.
  • I prefer remote work with occasional personal meetings.
What my employees and clients tell about me
Alexander Bibik
Software Developer at Magnezio
I've worked with Vladimir for almost a year. During this period, he has shown himself as a strong manager and qualified IT specialist. Vladimir can set up an effective working process, knows his team, and correctly distributes roles among employees. He establishes correct requirements and is ready to listen employee's opinions. He's also an interesting person and a great conversationalist.
Robert D.
We’ve been working with Vladimir since 2015. Over the years he has helped us develop multiple proprietary trading systems, ranging from relational databases, web trader as well as live charting front-ends. He’s been always a reliable and eager partner, who manages to accommodate our need for stability in a complex system while providing the user with a robust front-end.
Ivan Blokhin
Software Developer at Magnezio
I've worked with Vladimir as a Junior Python Developer for only 3 months due to personal reasons. Working under his leadership was very comfortable. He respects everyone’s personal time. Clear tasks were assigned in his company. I felt that teamwork was great, where we used modern and useful working tools. During this period, I worked on various interesting tasks, including coding, DevOPS, and working on mini-projects, which is essential for a junior developer.

My contacts

Please get in touch with me in the most convenient way:


telegram: @vdeev7

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